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The focus and cornerstone of our resources and energy is centered around giving the village children of Qinyuan County the benefits of a superior education. The inspiration and vision of Bo'Ai (Universal Love) School came in great part from the founder and executive director of Overseas Helping Hands. She realizes that only through a sound education that we can make real and lasting changes for the village children and give them hope for higher educatiion and a brighter future.

Provided running water to entire villages

In 2001, seven villages in Qinyuan County enjoyed tap water connected to their homes by turning on one faucet that we take so much for granted. With cooperation from Orphans Overseas, seven villages enjoyed tap water from one faucet in each home. There were no more arguments over water and skin diseases were greatly diminished; We also built two new dormitories for Hang Hung Village Middle School when its dilapidated boys and girls dormitories built in the 1950s were ready to collapse.

The Bo Ai School

After the building phase that lasted three years, Bo'Ai School opened its doors in April of 2005. The BoAiSchool is located at FengCun Village, Qinyuan County, in the southwestern part of Shanxi Province,one hour flying time from Beijing to Taiyuan, the capital city of Shanxi, and then three and half hours by car to our school or one hour flying time from Beijing to Changzhi and then one and half hour drive to our school.

The facility, built on village donated land, stands out strikingly from surrounding structures in this area. Standing opposite FengCun Village, it has become a magnet for students, parents and teachers. Presently Bo'Ai enrolls 400 students from thirteen surrounding villages.

Bo'Ai School has evolved to be a shining beacon in education in Shanxi Province and in 2009, it was awarded the honor of Model School of the Province. We are proud that achievement tests showed our students have improved from 39 when the school opened to 89 average score in just three years in government tests. Overseas Helping Hands is also thankful that its Executive Director, together with its Board of Directors, are at the helm overseeing the operation and direction of the school. The Executive Director spends close to ten months of the year at the school.

Whereas village schools offer only language arts and math, our school offers a comprehensive education including social studies, natural science, computer knowledge, art, music, physical education. We value a holistic education, including character and moral edification. A broad array of strategies helps to reinforce best practices like compassion, charity, thanksgiving, personal hygiene, work ethics, team work, responsibility, initiative,creativity, honesty, respect and most of all love for our fellowmen and students.

Overseas Helping Hands wants Bo'Ai to be on the cutting edge so our students will be transformed and grow up to be contributing members of society who lead fulfilling lives. Our vision and goals are evident from the lessons and experiences that the students carry with them into their lives, into their homes and villages.

The students arise at 6:30 AM and bed time is at 9:00 PM, five days a week. Each school hour of the day is packed with learning experiences, taught by a dedicated and enthused staff, who are graduates of teachers-training colleges or university graduates. Because of the distance that students have to travel to come to the school, students board at the school and go home only on weekends.

Building the Middle School

By 2012-13, the Governming Boards realized that just the Kindergarten and six years of Primary School would not suffice to educate the students over the impressionable teenage years.The Hong Kong Bo Ai Foundation came forward and bore the vanguard flag to raise funds for the building of the Bo Ai Middle School. The Overseas Helping Hands and Touching Lives Overseas also helped. At a cost of yuan, the Bo Ai Middle School was completed in 2015 and the Grand Opening Ceremony was held on April 2015.. (Please see Archive-2015)The Middle School Buildings included the Education Building,the Conference-Multifunction Building and the Girls-Teachers Dormitory. The Bo Ai School is thankful to each and everyone of the donors who donated so our students could complete the China Nine year Compulsory Education.

Bo Ai's Teaching Staff

A school is only as good as the education provided by the teachers to the students.Bo Ai values continuing education for our teachers.Our teachers are sent to Beijing, Changzhi, Taiyuan for seminars so they can be kept abreast of the best practices in teachings. Each year, the Hong Kong Holmglad High-Elementary Schools fund four of our teachers to go to Hong Kong for a week's time to widen their horizon of education in other lands. Each year about 300 volunteers come to share their talents.(Please see Archives - 2015/2016/2017).Our teachers are connected with the most up-to-date methods of teaching-for example the STEAM METHOD. Many continuing education seminars are held each year for our teachers. The volunteers come from China, from Hong Kong/Macau, the United States, Canada and other parts of the world. Each volunteer is unique in his/her own way. They may be teachers, educators, engineers, doctors/dentists, housewives, accountants, artists,musicians, students, craftsmen. They come with love in their hearts to share their talents. Bo Ai shares the continuing eduction seminars with the teachers of the Qinyuan County Schools.

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