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Sponsorship and Giving


Download our Sponsorship and Donation Form

» Download our combined Sponsorship and Donation Form(PDF, 163KB)
» Credit/Debit Card Donation
» Follow the instructions on the form.
» Donations are tax-deductible.

We need your help!

Bo'Ai School is a charity school, built with donations from people like you. To help create real and lasting changes in the lives of the children, and in order to operate the school to give a brighter future for the children, we need your help today.

Why give?

» Our operating budget is US $150,000 per year
» Students attend the school tuition-free
» Although most students are provided uniforms, room, and board, their families pay one-third of the cost of their child's meals only
» Overseas Helping Hands' administrative cost is extremely low as we do not have any paid employees
» All work at the Overseas Helping Hands is done by volunteers

Bo'Ai School is making a difference every day in the lives of the children. You too can make a difference today and donate to keep a child in school.

Ways to give

» Sponsor a child
» Make a Capital Project Donation
» Grant an Endowment
» Donate in the name of a loved-oneMake a Memorial-Fund Donation
» See if your company participates in Matching Gift Donations

Sponsor a child

Just $420 a year provides for the tuition, board and room for a child.
Other amounts are also graciously accepted.
» Download the printable PDF form here .

Donate to the Middle School Building Fund

Sixth graders come to Christine Chan and ask her, "Chan Nai Nai (grandma), where shall we go after we graduate from this school?" This is a very frequent and serious question. If the children are thrown back into the village system of school and education after the sixth grade, all of our good efforts will be done for naught. We are happy to report that a group of kind hearted, energetic Christians in Hong Kong has taken the initiative in spearheading the building of the Bo'Ai middle school behind the present elementary school site. Your donation towards this end will crystallize the Bo'Ai Middle School into reality. Please seriously consider this as one of your alternatives for your donations.
» Download the printable PDF form here .

Make a Capital Project donation

  • Solar Heating
    Solar heating is another capital project that we need to seriously consider. It is clean and environmentally friendly. Both double pane windows and solar heating will be environmentally wise and save capital in the long haul. $30,000 will provide solar heating for the school building, the student and the teachers' dormitories and the dining hall building.
  • Athletic Field
    We do not have any athletic equipment in the playing field. The children right now play jump rope, hopscotch, shuttlecock, games, calisthenics and basketball. We do need athletic equipment in the playground, especially for the younger grades. The cost of the athletic equipment and playground is estimated to be $15,000.
  • Aluminum Capping of Building Walls
    The building walls were not properly capped which has resulted in water and freeze-thaw damage to the building. It is a simple but very important improvement to needed in order prevent this recurring structural damage.
  • Doorway Improvement
    The Bo'Ai School classroom doors are of poor quality, thin and have no windows. Visitors and supervising staff who should be able to monitor the room cannot do so without entering and distracting the class. We hope to install better quality doors with windows.

Endowment opportunities

To sustain the school into the future, we need to build up an endowment fund. You can donate through estate giving, donations in honor of a loved one or stock and bond donations. We envision that Bo'Ai School will see its students years into the future when they come out as adults of influence living fulfilling lives where their life transformation had started at the School.

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