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Dear Friends,

At this Christmas Season, let our joyful hearts sing out for the reason of the Season. Alleluia!!! I praise God for the richness of His blessings that have come our way abundantly this past year! Indeed, Bo Ai has much to be thankful for. In these past four and a half years, many of you have walked alongside of Bo Ai School to make it a better school for our chil- dren and a shining beacon of education of the region. ,Thank you. Gracias, Merci., Danke.

I am so proud of our students; well mannered, eager to learn and doing very well at school. In this year's first semester, out of four or five sub- jects depending on grade level, nine scored 100 points in two subjects and 60 scored 100 points in one subject. In the last two years, our school has received a total of thirteen special commendations from the Shanxi Province, from the Changzhi Regional Government and from the Qinyuan County Government for excellence in education. None of this would have come about without the devoted efforts of our teachers and our principal. Our school's teaching motto has been: "Educate with Love; Without Love, there can be no Education." This has permeated into our teachers and students in their teachings and into their daily lives.

Beginning in June and running overtime into late October, workers were busy at our school building an additional floor to the Elementary School educational building, to the student dormitory building and to the teach- ers' dorm. The construction phase was finally finished but not without some excitement. Negligent welding on the metal roof caused a fire on the roof of the educational building, totally burning out the metal roof and its insulations. Fortunately all the students were out in the school quadrangle doing calisthenics and nobody got hurt. With three new empty floors comes the need to furnish them. We do not have any fur- nishing for them yet and hopefully we can raise enough funds to com- plete the project soon. We are sincerely grateful to the Bo Ai Foundation Limited of Hong Kong which under the chairmanship of Dr. Eilly Lau provided 1.5 million RMB for the construction of the additional floors to the Elementary School.

In August,Julianna Wang led a group of dedicated helpers and held a fund raising event,the Mid Summer Night Fund Raising Event in Beijing.Bo Ai is indebted to all for their hard work and for their hard work and for their recruitment of donors.The event was very successful raising over 300,000 yuan.The funds are dedicated for the construction of the Middle School this coming spring.

In February,2009,Rev.School Development Inc.sent five specialist teachers and held teaching seminars for our staff.In March,Mission Covenant Church Schools under the leadersship of Simon Yeung sent five teachers to visit our shcool.The it sent four of our teachers to Hong Kong in October for a week of continuing teachers'


education in the Hong Kong educational milieu. In April during the Easter Holidays, a contingent of about?thirty strong under the direction of Dr. Eilly Lau, Dr. Mathew Lau, Dr Angela Wang, Benjamin Chang and Ellen Fung came and did a dental/medical and teaching mission. Also in April, Eva Chung of Canada and two friends came to teach. In May, five staff from the Quangzi Deaf School came and visited our school. For the past four years, started by Daniel Lau and Dr. Kin Lock, the Fort Bend Community Church, Texas sent a mission team to our school. This year Dr. and Mrs. Kin Lock brought 21 persons to come minister medically and educationally. Then in August, a group of thirty from Canada, Hong Kong and the States came and held a summer camp. This group was unique for the leaders were at our school previously as high school students or college students and now as college students and as leaders they organize a group to come back to minister at our school. Kudos to Ming Klor, Michael Chu, Louisa Hong and Phoebe Ma. Then in September, Michelle Trappan, who previously was a reporter of the Oregonian newspaper and who wrote about our school came to teach for a month at our school. Just last
month,weathering and in spite of the snow storm, Bob Walsh from the States and Tony Lee from Hong Kong came to our school to put on quite a show to our students with their ventriloquist and puppet show. Bo Ai is indebted to all these kind souls who on their own time and funds came to help and do something for our kids.

On Thanksgiving Day, Audie Wong of Amway China and Teresa Woo, his wife, and several Amway executives came to visit our school. They were so impressed with our students and our school that Amway has pledged a significant donation to our Middle School Project. . We are truly grateful.

During 2009, on eight separate occasions, government officials from different ministries of the Chinese government or area schools sent teams to visit and observe our school. This is a great honor that they bestowed on Bo Ai. It seems that whenever the government wants to showcase education in our region, they come to Bo Ai. We thank all the donors and sponsors of our students;without whose help we?cannot cook more than a thousand meals a day for our students and staff or pay the teachers' salaries. To the world, you may be just one person, but to our Bo Ai students, you are the world! But most of all, we thank God for His grace and mercy that in the countryside of Shanxi, there stands Bo Ai giving a good education to the children of Qinyuan farmers. May God lead us and guide us as we continue to take care of our children and strive to start building the Middle School this coming spring.

Blessings to you and to your family in this Holy Season,

Christine Chan
Bo Ai School,Qinyuan Xiang,
Changzhi Shi,Shanxi Province,China


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